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Available to tattoo. Space on Monday.



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Work in progress on a commission I’m doing.

Little one above the knee. Pure shines. I’ve got space RIGHT NOW, and then I’m done for a fortnight. Come get something fun.

Im on holiday for 2 weeks as of Tuesday. I’ve got time for something small at 1pm tomorrow though 👍

Classic German rose. Bit bloody and wet and all that.

Some mini £30 pieces available.

Some mini £30 pieces available 🌸 for bookings

Available to tattoo. I’ve got time this saturday at 11am for bookings

Some lines. Thanks @bryony_alys for the awesome post 👍 machine goes like a dream!

Hopefully doing this little beast tomorrow.

Sunday sketches.

Real tough tribal lion disguise/cover up I’ve been working on, one more session to tighten things up.

Russian death doll 💀