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A bit different for me, good fun.

Filling some gaps. Grotty naive minimalism is my favourite thing in the world. Would love to do some stuff like Wasted Rita or David Foldvari if anyone’s game.

Trying something different. Would love to try more stuff like this!

Seahorse next to some healed ones I did a while back.

I’ve got walk in space at 2.30 today. Would love to do this skull, it’s a decent size 💀

Sharks tooth and chili fillers around the elbow. A little bloody still.

Sword swallower.

Lines healed.

I’ve got designs on the wall ready to go, and some time now for something small 🐭

Left healed, right fresh. Both a bit shiny ✨

Left healed, right fresh. Both a bit shiny ✨

Mini girly sugar skull.

The smallest hands I’ve ever seen! Some of the shading on the nose is over a scar and pretty raised. Sorry about the shines/wrap.

Little snoop on @joshuarogersai official gangster now 🔫💪 check out his tattoos if you have time, but if you’re pressed for it, don’t bother 👍