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Crap photo, glare and wrap distorts it. Lots more to do!

An owl, 50 bucks. space this afternoon.

Page 3 and craterface. Above the knee, moon’s a little raised still.

I’ve got some some time tomorrow for cute and/or horrid beasts. 🐰🐊

Difficult area, crap to photograph.

Fun little sun 🌞

Haircuts now available as part of the service.

Super hard to photograph, the wolfs jaw wraps right under and joins at the wrist. Will make more sense once it’s coloured 👍

Bit of glare. Some fresh, some healed.

Bunny and Clyde.

Sunday sketches. Elk and wolf 🌑

A little love letter to finish the day.

Started this piece on his 72nd birthday. Lines healed. Lots more to do!

I’ve got time at 11am today for this one.